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In 2015, Street Invasion continues with its commitment to liberate the public space for the Street Arts and to achieve cultural democracy in Chile, supporting the project “Tuga, Chaos in the public space”. The goal is to transparently raise the funds for the documentaries post production, guaranteeing its free online distribution.


The Street Invasion Cultural Centre, based in Valparaiso, was created in 2011 by the production team of the International Street Performance Festival of the same name.

The festival began in 2009 from the necessity to reoccupy the streets as a space for creative and distinctive artistic practice: interactive, dynamic, critical and overall democratic.




Directed by Rodolfo Meneses, (Tuga the mime), the festival was staged for 4 consecutive years during which 66 artists and companies from all over Latin America, Europe and Australia committed themselves to the festival and the city, paying their own transportation to live the “port” experience

(in Valparaiso).


Despite the growing enthusiasm from the international and local artistic community (more than 25.000 spectators during the last version in 2012) the festival was suspended for two main reasons: The scarcity of financial resources that did not allow the production of a festival of such scale and secondly, a lack of support from the Valparaíso city hall.


Since then, Street Invasion, through its Cultural Centre, continues to produce activities, which promote, spread and develop Street Art in Chile.

Amongst these activities, we have earned a reputation for the production of street performances in the Valparaiso Arts Festival (FAV), interventions by the Red Brigade in the streets of Valparaiso and the realization of a free street theatre workshop “nude hands” directed by the local artistic community and guided by European street art pioneers, the co-directors of the French company Le Théâtre de l'Unité.


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