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The documentary “‘Tuga, desorden en la vía pública’” (Tuga, chaos in the public space) will faithfully portray the reality of the Chilean street art scene. Offering a behind the scenes insight into the life of Tuga and other artist, You can see the challenges they face in their daily lives on the Chilean streets.

The idea for the documentary came from a need to draw attention to Street Art in a country where arbitrary arrests of street artists still to occur.


“I want that Chilean people begin to appreciate and respect street art as an art. It is not theatre´s poor baby brother! “Behind every street artist there is decision, hard work and never ending study and learning”, comments Martinez, the film´s director. “I want the Chilean people and its government to realize the good that street artists create in a city. They sow happiness in our lives, they can change your bad day around with just a smile. It strikes me that the authorities have no real reason to prohibit a street performance. Why do religious groups have the right to preach in the street yet a street performer

can´t occupy the public space?




After the Chilean police tried to arrest Rodolfo Meneses (Tuga the Mime) on March 26th whilst directing a theatrical exercise in Valparaiso during his seminar “Perform in the street, and don´t die trying”, the need to discuss the public space, freedom of artistic expression and cultural democracy, became more urgent than ever


“In Chile, public policies in relation to street art are lacking. There is no law or status that states why an artist cannot perform in the public space, leaving an artist´s legal standing in the hands of the police officers discretion.

With the documentary, Claudio Martinez shares the richness of Chile´s street arts and its great contribution to cultural democracy, in a country which continues to be very elitist. The aim is to draw recognition to these artists so that Art invades the streets and that the public space becomes a social, family oriented and friendly space again, where people go to meet up, laugh, dream, share and discover a new world together.

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